Welsh Law Firm Creates UK’s First Corporate Social Responsibility Role

Welsh Law Firm Creates UK’s First Corporate Social Responsibility Role

Bushra Ali Solicitors, based in Wrexham, has appointed the UK’s first paid Corporate Social Responsibility role in a law firm.

Aisha Seedat was chosen amongst a plethora of candidates and is now the Disability, Diversity and Inclusion Lead with responsibility for all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility across Bushra Ali Solicitors and The Bushra Ali Group.

“We are proud to say Aisha’s appointment falls in line with our core values as a firm who are deeply committed to our social responsibility work and driving the conversation on thought provoking social issues that matter.  We are looking forward to Aisha playing an integral role in driving many key equality, diversity and inclusion conversations and initiatives, overlapping with our work through The Bushra Ali Group,” Bushra commented.

With a head office in Leicester since 2015, Bushra Ali recently decided to return to her hometown of Wrexham and opened a second office in Dalton House on Chester Street in Wrexham.

The Bushra Ali Group was launched by Ms Ali in January 2021 with its work spanning not only Bushra Ali Solicitors but four other organisations founded by Ms Ali including Empowered Women Empowering Women Global, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network, The Good Lawyers Project and Network 2 Konnect which has been running since 2019.  The Group focuses on the various community projects that Ms Ali and her colleagues are running with a particular and strong interest in equality and diversity.  Over the last 12 months their work in this area has included hosting a plethora of events and initiatives including Ms Ali speaking at events on the subject of equality and diversity and sharing her journey with national and international audiences. The Group is looking to collaborate across all sectors to address such issues.

 Ms Ali continued: 

“Aisha has overcome much adversity in her own life and continues to empower others to believe that despite their physical disabilities they can shatter glass ceilings beyond their imagination and take up a well-deserved seat at the Board Room table.  Watch this space for many hard hitting conversations, debates, and panel discussions on social issues that really do matter.”
Miss Seedat is a recent graduate in Health Studies from De Montfort University and is a guest speaker for the Health and Wellbeing Society Degree talking to students about mental health and disability management.  She is also a motivational speaker speaking at events to raise awareness of the rare disease she lives with.”

MPS Iva is an ultra-rare degenerative disease caused by an enzyme deficiency due to mutations in a specific gene.   Management and treatments are available to an extent to some patients, however, there is no known cure.

Speaking of her appointment Miss Seedat said,

“I share my story in the hope of breaking down barriers.  I’m also very aware that mine is just one story among many, many others and I’m looking forward to raising the profile across all manner of issues including disability, mental health, poverty, equality, diversity and inclusion.  What Bushra has already done is incredible and I know she has plans to do so much more.  I’m very much looking forward to working with her and to helping raise awareness of key issues that, one way or another, affect us all, so we can continue to work towards being a more inclusive and accepting society.
“This role, specifically, gives me the opportunity to greatly expand on my development and skills.  It will enable me to set out and achieve my goals and dreams of helping individuals and to become a voice for the voiceless.  I am a people person and this position gives me the opportunity of meeting individuals from various backgrounds and cultures.
“I personally think that firms should be investing in roles such as this to ensure there is awareness.  Awareness is key and I’m glad to be given an opportunity to lead conversations and to take action about social issues that are present and that could come up in the near future.  Equality and Diversity plays a huge role in my life due to my disability and I feel firms should invest in roles such as mine to raise awareness of the stigma that exists in the wider community.  By more firms investing in this area it will break down barriers far faster and enable voices to be heard.” Aisha concluded.

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